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A Book " Physics - The Picture of Genesis ".
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The more successes the quantum physics gains, the more senseless it looks
"Perhaps I look like ostrich that all the time hides its head into sand of relativity in order not to face ugly quanta".
"So, now we have two theories of light, both are necessary and, as we have to admit today, existing without any logical interconnection, in spite of twenty years of great efforts of the physicists - theorists ".

"All these fifty years of persistent speculations did not approach me to the answer what light quanta is. Certainly, today everybody thinks that he knows the answer, but he deceives himself. "
                                                                                       /A. Einstein./
They say that Diogenes illuminated faces of passers-by with his lantern when there was bright light, saying that he was searching for a Man.
I am like Diogenes.
I search for the person.
I search for the reasonable person and consequently I ask a question toeverybody:
" Listen! Speed of a light quantum in Vacuum is a constant,
maximum, absolute quality!
Why does everyone tell that there is no absolute speed of motion?
The speed of this light quantum is absolute only in Vacuum,
In absolute Vacuum!
Why does everyone tell that there is no absolute reference system? "
Diogenes asks a question, and , as always, in all the times, nobody can understand him.
I realize a reason of this bewilderment.
You see nobody perceives what VACUUM is.
You see nobody perceives what a Quantum of light is.
I begin to think from Vacuum T=0K and then, step by step,
establish a unified picture of Genesis.

Ether, Quantum of light and Gods.

In the beginning it was considered, that there is a substance, emptiness and gods.
We shall not speak about the gods.
We shall not speak about emptiness too.
All attention we will be concentrated on study of substance for example, quantum of light.
But, studying properties of quantum of light, physicists came to a conclusion, that it has and corpuscular and wave properties. But the representation about environment is connected with waves. Therefore they have decided, that the emptiness is filled with any substance - ether,
in which the waves of quantum of light distribute. As the energy of quantum of light is small, the ether should be transparent environment. But it was then revealed, that the light waves are cross-waves. And the cross-waves can arise and distribute only in firm environments. It has turned out, that the ether should be simultaneously both transparent and unusually firm environment.
In ÕIÕc the trust in existence of an ether was general and consequently physicists began to think out various hypotheses for incompatible overlapping of quality of Vacuum. Had thought up ten hypotheses about structure of ether any of which did not work. And the question is decided logically simply and clearly if to transfer attention from an ether on internal structure
of quantum of light.
Therefore most important in physics is to understand what is the structure of light quantum.
Many years I am surprised with one question:
"Why everyone speak and write, that there is no absolute movement and there is no absolute system of readout, if the speed of movement of quantum of light - size absolute and occurs this movement in absolute Vacuum?".

Galilei and Einstein.

Meaning of the principle of a relativity.

Galilei has formulated a principle of a relativity, which approves: the laws of a nature do not vary, if from initial system of coordinates to proceed to another, having concerning the first uniform rectilinear movement (movement on inertia). The laws of a nature in them are uniform.
The Galilei principle is confirmed with the simple formulas - transformation of Galilei.
This principle of relativity became a basis of the mechanics.
Then basic attention was switched to the electrical phenomena. And principle of relativity Galilei began to apply to the electrical phenomena. However they have found out, that the Galilei transformations is in this case are unfair. To the electrical phenomena it is required to apply completely new transformations - transformation of Lorents.
Why is the principle of relativity Galilei is unfair?
Because, Michelson's experiment refutes the principle of Galilei relativity is. He proves that speed of quantum of light in Vacuum is an absolute constant value. The absolute speed of motion of quantum of light can change. But these changes will happen owing to other conversions, are not subject to the principle of Galilee.
About it Einstein has told precisely and clearly, building SRT on two postulates.
1.    Speed of quantum of light in Vacuum size maximal and constant ñ=1. 2.    All other particles moves with smaller speeds, than speed of quantum of light with c<1

1.     Any other particles, except for quantum of light, cannot reach its speed. Therefore to decide a task, comparing incommensurable sizes (c=1 and c<1 )is not correct. It from a cycle: "What will be, if the whale attacks the elephant?"
It is impossible to think out hypotheses for overlapping incompatible. It is necessary to reconsider bases.
To change the second postulate SRT to a question is more pertinently:
" What will take place, if the speed of quantum of light will decrease?"
In such kind between two postulates there is commensurability.
Basically they reason now from such point of view.
Speak, that in SRT they examine two particles. One, rest, observes as another began its movement. They do not write main, that in SRT goes only about quantum of light and its transformation.
2.      Essence of SRT - the theory describes internal structure Quantum of light and effects connected to its activity.
3.     At movement in Vacuum with speed ñ=1 the form of quantum of light circle (ellipsoid).
In this case in Vacuum any tremendous changes will not take place, because the contact area of quantum of light with Vacuum is minimum.
4.     But SRT approves another.
The theory approves, that with quantum of light there will be radical changes, which are described by Lorents transformations. Hence, quantum of light makes any other movement.
Its other movement only rotation around of its diameter can be . In such condition it is familiar in physics under the name electron. And in 1925 Goudsmit and Uhlenbeck have opened, that electron, really, has such ability (spin).
This spin is described with Lorents transformations.
The principle of a relativity Einstein (lorents transformation) is connected only
to change of internal structure of quantum of light.
And the principle of a relativity of Galilei (Galilei's transformation) is connected to other particles.


The basic question well was formulated by Newton:
"All difficulty of physics, as it will be visible, is, that on the phenomena of movement to distinguish forces of a nature, and then on these forces to explain other phenomena".
In what is true character of movement, its change?
In what is initial chaos of movement?
Originally particle is in Vacuum in a condition of rest.
1.  The vacuum does not render any influence on it.
2.  Other particles do not cooperate with it.
3.  In representation about the God, which has given it a push, we do not trust.
What serves the reason of movement occurring as though in itself?
4.  The scientists had to enter into a science the term " an internal impulse of a particle ".
Not I have entered this term. I only wanted to imagine to myself how evidently, this internal pulse occurs.
It has appeared, that the ability independently to make an internal pulse, is connected to representation about an alive, conscious spiritual particle.
It causes, softly speaking, surprise, mistrust and discontent of many people. But there is no other interpretation.
With the claims address to the one who has invented the term " an internal pulse of a particle ". In the book " Evolution of physics " Einstein and Infeld wrote:
" We have the laws, but we do not know, what that body of readout is to which it is necessary to attribute them , and all our physical construction appears erected on sand. "
May be, the time has come to comprehend their words, hasn,t it?
The sense is those.
In classic physics:
1. Space and time are different substations.
2. Energy and mass are different quantities.
3. Geometry and physics are independent subjects.
4. The events in classic physics are described in decart system of coordinates plus time.
All these conditions are wonderfully fulfilled in planet conditions.
There is absolutely different picture in SRT:
1. Time and space are united substations.
2. Energy and mass are indissolubly connected.
3. Geometry and physics are interconnected subjects, i.e. at the analyses of some phenomenon, these two parameters change simultaneously.
4. Events in SRT are described in relation to negative four-dimensional space. All these conditions are wonderfully fulfilled in Vacuum.
On this site it is explained what Vacuum is and how it interacts with the material world.

What does Classic and Quantum Physics consider?

Classic physics considers the behaviour and interaction of the material particles which mass is one proton and higher and moving with low speeds. Their activity is connected to an external impulse. Therefore mathematics describe the interaction between this particles with the theory in a linear equations.
Quantum physics considers a condition and a behaviour of the Spiritual (Virtual) particles in the Vacuum and their turning into actual particles. The activity of such particles is connected to an internal impulse, which causes a basic change both:
1. parameters of a particle,
2. and a space around it.
Therefore mathematics describe an interaction of a particle with itself, its transmutation, by non-linear equations.
* * *

Some of the things I have mentioned earlier sound strange now.
But it wasn't always been so.
Every religion speaks, that alongside to a Material world there is also a Spiritual world.
The first scientists, down to the times of Newton, were aimed to find a living (spiritual) and a nonliving (material) forces. They have believed, that they can prove religious fundamentals in a scientific manner. But the attempts to prove the existence of living (spiritual) forces has failed and the scientists have declined a spiritual world in science and began to recognize only material world.
But in the year 1900 the scientists began to study a microcosm. Then, the scientists began complaining on the paradoxicalness of a microcosm and misunderstanding of its nature from the point of their simple logical concept.
But the microcosm can not be paradoxical.
Only the thinking of these scientists can be paradoxical, those scientists who do not understand what is the Absolute frame of reference and what its geometrical and physical parameters of Initial particles.

What is the meaning of Wien displacement law in Einstein's radiation theory?

In the year 1893 german physicist W. Wien has found the dependence of a wavelength to a temperature? which is described by the following formula:

Where b - The Wien's constant, which has a dimensionality of grad (gradient).
If any physical quantity increases its value, it is convenient to characterize its growing by a relation of its change to a distance, on which this change happens. This relation is known by the term "gradient". Gradient of a physical value is its change in relation to distance, on which such change happens. The concept of a gradient can also be related to a physical value of speed, when it has a dimensional distribution, a specific value in each point of space.

The diagram below shows a relation of the wave length to a temerature:

On the diagram we can see, that on the point of a temperature Ò=0Ê the wavelength is transformed into a straight line.
In Einstein's article "About single heuristic point of view, regarding to an origin and a transformation of light" he takes a particle in a state of rest R/NA=k and multiplies it with a Wien's constant , i.e. by a value, which changes a particle's state of rest. And now this particle behaves as an independent light quantum, which has an internal impulse h=kb .
As a result, the internal impulse of light quantum can be described by two formulas:
1) Plank in 1900 wrote it down with the formula h = Et,
2) Einstein in 1905 wrote it down with formula h = kb .
The quantity of this particle, s impulse is h=1.
Under influence of this impulse the particle moves with speed c=1.

At first Einstein thought, that Planck's theory of radiation contradicts his work, but in 1906 he comes to a conclusion, that Planck's theory of radiation and his theory explain the same phenomenon differently.
Thus, Planck and Einstein, each in his own way, discovered that the micro particle should possess internal impulse. But they did not particularly explain its origin.
I explain how this internal impulse of a particle originated.




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