What is the truth?
The explanation of the method of consciousness.
The theory and practice. .



The universe is two-dimensional: together with the material world, there exists also the spiritual world. These two worlds, although interacting between them, but fundamentally differ each other. That is why different methods are needed for the knowledge of these worlds.

In way of life we perceive the world with the organs of feelings and logics. But these methods are not suitable for the perceiving of the Spiritual world.

At knowledge of the spiritual world the organs of feelings will not help, logical thought does not interfere, one has to stop the stream of time.

* * *

During the history of mankind not once they admitted that human wisdom dispose of two ways of perception, two types of consciousness that were often marked as rational and intuitive. In the West, the rational (logical, scientific) method of perception was valued very much. In the East, the opposite opinion was spread. There first was valued intuitive (unconscious, religious) method of perception. In ancient Greece, Socrates used to say: "I know that I know nothing". That is a man must perceive a lot in order to know something. In ancient China, Lao-Tzu pronounced: "The best knowledge is not knowledge of what you know". In religion of dzen it is said:

"To study the Universe is to study oneself.

To study oneself is to forget oneself.

To forget oneself is to learn all the rest".

That is if you want to know something, refuse knowledge. This is a strange declaration from the point of view of western thought. In the East, there confirmed the expression of Decart. "I think, consequently I exist". In the East, there sounds the other wisdom: a happy man is the one who possesses consciousness. But happier is the one that does not possess it". A strange logic. We know that one that possesses consciousness is happy because he can logically understand everything that happens. What happiness does a man possess that does not have consciousness?

So cognized true "in the West". So cognized true "in the East".

* * *

In many ancient writings it was claimed: "A man, perceive yourself". It was appeal to a man "to perceive oneself" not on the physical or psychological level, but on the spiritual level. But can a man perceive his spiritual essence?

In ancient Indian composition "Bhagavat-Gita" was said: "You carry in yourself the Greatest friend that you do not know. Because God lives inside every man, but not everybody can find him".In Dzen-Buddhism it is said about the possibilities of a man "to find Buddha in his nature".

An Arabic poet Omar al-Khayyam, admirer of Sufism, wrote:

"What is your flash, Khayyam? Tent where for overnight's stop,

As a wandering shah, the spirit did a stop".

Ancient wise men said: "perceive yourself and you will perceive the Universe". "At the top is like at the bottom". On what basis did they claim this? Where from did the ancient wise men knew that everything starts from the Emptiness, from Vacuum? Why did they claim that circle is a sacred figure? Such exact perception and understanding of the world is connected only with the personal abilities of a man. Ancient wise men perceived World through themselves, through their spiritual essence. And they demanded of others the same.

Some people that survived from clinical death, claim that they saw their material body and everything happening around as if from the side, that is at that moment they were not a material body. Who were they?

But let us suppose that those expressions of the ancient wise men are subjective. And is it possible those subjective expressions to prove by the science? Is it possible to find in physics experiments that would prove subjective confirmations and wisdom of the sages?

* * *

Vivid organism, biological objects (including a man) represent totality of atoms and molecules that in the end submit to physical regularities.

It means that in a man there act the same physical, electric (bioelectric) laws that in nature. Atoms are connected between themselves in definite schemes, chains and from them there form muscles, nervous fibers. All life processes have electromagnetic nature and are connected with passing of the current through these nervous fibers. Not only electric current passing through these nervous fibers, but also information. It is clear that information and electric current are interconnected somehow.

* * *

What is the mechanism of the transformation of this information?

Every man carries in himself Quantum of light. It is the source of life. But if this Quantum of the light acts only as charge, as "flashlight", as the source of energy, that makes a car to move, then a man does not know "It". Ancient wise men said: "The wind makes leaves to move. There are many of them. They swing, rustle, make noise, and "speak with each other". But do they know that roots feed them?" In "Bhagavad-Gita", it was said: "fools laugh at me when I descend in the figure of a man. They do not know my transcendental nature that rules over everything that exists.

* * *

What experiments and theories in physics proves the wisdom of ancients?


One of the trends of the modern optics is the study of the processes occurring in material surrounding after light absorption, i.e. interaction of quantum of light with material surrounding.

Such processes are divided into two groups:

  1. linear (not coherent),
  2. non-linear (coherent).

Let us analyze linear process first. Let us suppose that quantum of light penetrated into material within-atom surrounding. Quantum of light rotates and creates its electromagnetic field. If electric voltage of the light field is less than voltage of within-atom field, this weak light field does not influence on within-atom field in the whole.

Let us analyze this process in adaptation to a man, to a human brain. Milliards of neutrons of the human brain are excited at different degrees. They radiate the energy of different frequency, different phase, I. e. in the whole, not coherent radiation of the brain occurs. Such radiation of brain shades weak electric field of the quantum of light. Quantum of light works only as a charge e=±√αħc. This charge enlivens a man but the man does not know "his Friend". The man lives usual routine life.

* * *

However, while studying optical phenomena, the scientists discovered non-linear (coherent) electro dynamical effects. In this case, voltage of the light field is bigger than voltage of within-atom field. Then under the influence of such a strong light field, within-atom surrounding starts to produce forced vibrations. These forced vibrations coincide very quickly in the frequency and phase and in the direction with the same parameters of the strong light field. All the atoms of surrounding come to similar coherent state. Initial wave of the light field, coming to the end of within-atom surrounding, reflecting from it, as a beam of light from the cover of the mirror. The complete inner reflection from the surrounding occurs. In between- atom surrounding there appears a picture that coincide with the picture of quantum light field. In physics, this experiment carries the name of "phase connected reflection of light from the non-linear surrounding".

Let us analyze again this process in adaptation to a man, human brain. Let us suppose that something substandard, unexpected, wonderful, and critical. At this moment suddenly all the neutrons of his brain come to numbness, stop moving. Brain is as if in Vacuum state under some extra-low temperature. Then according to classic physics, the energy of brain neutrons is equal to zero. Now quantum of light is able to create strong electro- light field. This strong electro- light field is more than voltage of the light field of the brain. Then waves of this light field bring all the neutrons of brain into the same excited wave state according to frequency, phase and direction that they possess themselves. The waves of the light field and the wave of brain completely coincide, completely coherent. And the wave of the light field, going through all the brain, will reflect from it, as a beam of light from the cover of the mirror, and on the cover of brain there will reflect an exact copy of quantum of light. What geometric figure of this quantum of light will be?

Ancient sages, having possessed the effect of "non-linear optics" perceived not only geometric form of their quantum of light, but also other characteristics of "their Great Friend".

Thus, the experiments of non-linear optics explain and confirm the religious experience of ancient sages.

In the science, it is accepted that theory must be checked on practice. But the matter is that this experience has a personal, individual character. That is why, when the scientists say that physical reality exists only in the case if it is not a subject of observing, then it is necessary to consider that the other kind of observation is possible. This other kind of observation is connected with the religious method of perception, with personal religious practice.

* * *

Let us return to the explanation of the religious practice from the point of view of physics.

The second experiment and theory in physics confirm wisdom of the Ancients.

Milliards of neurons of brain are excited at different degree, possess different frequency, different phase. Their general energy is bigger than energy of quantum of light, and quantum of light does not have the possibility for its "clear development". Quantum of light is works as the charge e=±√αħc and a man does not know "his Friend". The man lives his usual life. But something unexpected, something wonderful, something critical happened. At this moment suddenly all the neutrons of his brain come to numbness, stop moving. Brain is as if in Vacuum state under some extra-low temperature. Now general energetic excitement of brain neutrons is equal to zero. Now electric resistance disappears. Now the neurons of brain do not show any electric resistance to the quantum of light, electron. Now there appeared a possibility when charge can stop. Now the charge receives its initial form of the circle. And now it possesses great potential energy E=Mc² and potential charge e²=αħc. Let us suppose that the situation is critical. Then all its great energy the Quantum of light instantly directs to change of the old program. With this purpose, it produces the impulse of Goudsmit-Uhlenbeck and in that moment of the beginning of its rotation, it with all its great energy E=Mc² reconstructs some chain of brain neutrons, reconstructs the brain program and a man starts acting according completely new program. The formula of this process is:

Everything occurs at a very small period. Then milliards of neutrons of the brain proceeded again to logical computer conditions of work. Their general energy is again bigger than energy of quantum of light. Quantum of light again continues its work as the charge e=±√αħc. And the man does not know "himself" again.

This change of brain program (break of the former logical schemes and creating of a new logical scheme) in religion received the name of "revelation" "blessing". However, if a person of constant training could create inside him "the effect of non-linear optics", "the effect of blessing" (all the neurons of the brain are so calm that energy of Quantum of light is bigger than voltage of brain neurons), in the ancient East they said that he reached "nirvana", "moksha", "sartory". ". And in quantum physics this effect corresponds to a that case, when" the function of system (brain) coincides with own function of the operator (charge).

In his last autobiographic article, Einstein wrote: "the discovery is not the matter of logical thought, even if the final product is connected with the logical form". It is absolutely right. But now with the help of logical thought, we can understand the effect of "discovery, blessing, nirvana" and so on.

Any, even a very good theory must be checked by observation and experiment. And it is absolutely right. Only observation and experiment carry personal, individual character. Only personal religious practice will help the man to perceive "his Friend". Only regular meditation develops spiritual abilities. It is a difficult work. As P.Laplace wrote: "Human wisdom experience less difficulties when it moves forwards, than when it deepens in itself".






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