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Religion and Physics. A Book " Physics - The Picture of Genesis ".
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Israel Sadovnik.
Year of Birth: 1944.
Place of Birth: USSR

* * *

The basic question which interested me in my life was: " Who am I? What am I for?"
These questions have forced me to address to Religion.
When unexpectedly I have received the answer (details are in the book), in instant a new question appered:
"How to explain it scientifically?"
And I became a slave of this question.
Therefore for the last 20 years I independently, by myself, studied physics and asked only one question: "What is the sense of this formula, this theory? " The conclusions I state in the book and on this site.
The secret of God and Life is hiding in the " Theory of Light quanta."
The Bible was right claiming that in the beginning God had created quantum of light as initial particle. But God has forgotten to explain physical properties of quantum of light; therefore scientists of all times were aimed to solve this secret. However, for many millenniums this secret remained "under seven seals ".
At the end of 10-th, beginning of the 20-th years of the XX Century,
Sommerfeld wrote to Einstein:
"I can help to develop only engineering of quanta.
You should construct their philosophy ".
However, Einstein did not manage to construct it.
All his life he dreamed to solve the mystery of light. However, at old age, he had to state:
"All these fifty years of persistent speculations did not approach me to the answer what light quanta is. Certainly, today everybody thinks that he knows the answer, but he deceives himself.
This expression of the Einstein about a quantum of light is true even today.
Is not it strange?!
The quantum of light is an actual particle, initial particle. It plays a major role in nature. And we do not realize its essence. How can human society look, if it does not perceive the bases of Genesis? Can we call this society a full one?
The writer Arthur Kestler said concerning this, that such society goes by
"a track of dinosaurs". And "the track of dinosaurs" conducts into evolutionary impasse.
It will be lost before time if it does not understand its fundamental principles.
I have constructed the philosophy about Quantum of light, philosophy of Science.

It seems, that deep abyss divides the physics from the religion. However....
Many of physicists consider that: " the Physics first of all is Vacuum."
P. Dirac wrote:
"The problem of the exact description of vacuum, in my opinion, is the basic problem worth now before physics. Really, if you can't correctly describe vacuum, how it is possible to expect for the correct description of something more complex? ".
Most simple parameter of Vacuum is T=0k.
There are two views on a reason of origin of the Universe:
1) In result of "Big-bang"
2) From Vacuum.
The scientists came to a conclusion, that the Universe is characterized as:
1. p = 10-30 g/sm3
2. Ò = 2,7Ê (as an absolute frame of reference )
How the scientists explain occurrence of these parameters?
Once upon a time, 20 billions of years ago, all matter (all elementary particles and all quarks and their girlfriends- antiparticles and antiquarks, all kinds of waves: electromagnetic, gravitational, muons… gluons field ….. etc.) - was assembled in a "single point".
It is interesting to think about what had surrounded the "single point".
But why does everyone speak about EMPTINESS- NOTHING in common phrases rather than in specific, concrete terms?
I wonder why nobody has written down this EMPTINESS- NOTHING in the form of a physical formula ? You see, every schoolboy knows that is possible to express the EMPTINESS- NOTHING condition by the formula T=0K.

Once there was a "Big Bang".
But in what space had the Big Bang taken place and in what space was the matter of the Big Bang distributed?
Not in T=0K?
It is clear, that there is only EMPTINESS, NOTHING, in T=0K.
Now consider that the Universe, as an absolute frame of reference is in a condition of T = 2,7K (rests in relic radiation of the Big Bang ).
But, the relic radiation is extended and in the future will change and decrease.
What temperature can this radiation reach?
Not T=0K?
Hence, if we go into the past or into the present or into the future, we can not escape from EMPTINESS- NOTHING, from T=0K .
Now such view seems to be very strange, paradoxical, incorrect.
The reason of such view, according to the second law of a thermodynamics, warmth can not spontaneously pass from a cold condition to a hot one.
There is a problem:
" Who or what causes a fluctuation of Vacuum?"
God? In God we do not trust.
Spontaneously? To say so means to say nothing.
Proofs of a truth of the theory need a concreteness, instead of general words.
And the solution of origin of a fluctuation of absolute Vacuum Ò = 0Ê is given by quantum physics. The quantum physics approves, that "virtual particles" live in Vacuum and they can appear as actual.
But their concrete characteristics are not given anywhere.
And to understand it why not to set a simple concrete question:
" What geometric and physical parameters can particles have in T=0K?"
The Physics starts with this question.
The Philosophy of science starts with this question.
The Religion starts with this question.

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