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A picture on the left shows us how a neuron of human brain works.
But brain of a man approximately consists of sixteen milliards neurons. All of them form the system that manages human body. That is why it is of no wonder that with the work of all the sixteen milliards neutrons of brain, a man cannot catch a single impulse of Electron, Quantum of light, his God:
(mass of electron is equal 10-31 kg., charge of electron is equal 10-19 k.)

Quantum of light, Spiritual particle, which has created us, turned out to be under control of the material existence. However, the spiritual particle aspires to establish its supremacy over material nature. And the possibilities to reign over material nature are limited. The expansion of the possibilities of the development of spiritual particle is connected with the creation of specific (vacuum) conditions. These conditions are reached as a result of constant religious practice.

To perceive the universe, to perceive the spiritual essence, it is necessary to the man to take possession of religious practice.



We pray the GOD and we do not realize that HE is inside us.
Each of us carries in him the SPIRITUAL PARTICLE
But we do not realize that HE is inside us.
Behind the habitual forces of nature there is one force hidden - a spiritual one (h - е).
But ITS action is almost completely disguised by the other forces (mechanical, electromagnetic, nuclear,
and chemical and others), therefore it remains unnoticed in an ordinary processes.
But God never operates outside of natural principles.
There are the processes in which He reveals himself.
Therefore, His disclosing is a technical question.
How can we learn it?
For this purpose it is necessary to create the following effects in our computer-brain:
A). Nonlinear effect
B). Superconducting effect
C). Holographic effect
D). Vacuum effect.
Nobody, except for us, can make this technical work.
Only we (by the constant, thin, internal practice) can create conditions for these effects.
This practice has called "a Religious practice".
In this lies an essence of Religion - to establish the communication of a Human being with his Divine origin.

* * *

Our computer-brain works on a dualistic basis.
In a usual daily life all we do is done logically, under an influence of our feelings.
On the other hand, in a religious practice it is vital to learn to perceive and to operate:
1) Without the participation of the sense organs.
2) Without the participation of the logic mental processes.
When these conditions will be created, then the opportunity to operate will be given to a QUANTUM OF LIGHT (AN ELECTRON), to OUR DIVINE ESSENCE.
We will acquire new forces, new abilities.
Once again.
An electron's mass is 10-28gr . The size is 10-13sm. A charge is 10-19k .
With these characteristics it is hard for IT to become apparent.
Therefore it is clear, why don't we know IT in an ordinary life.
ITS cognition is achieved by a very hard, thin and laborious work.
This work demands of a person to be obsessed by it.

Personal experience.

According to advice of parapsychologist Israel Levinshtein,
Israel Levinshtein. The lawyer. The lieutenant colonel - inspector of the especially important crimes.
His parapsychological abilities were checked in special laboratories of USSR. Their conclusion - his abilities at a level of Wolf Messing.
I learned religious practice-meditation. And once, involuntary, I felt that on my brain there came vibration wave. This wave caused vibration of all neutrons of my brain. They started vibrating in the same phase, with the same frequency that the last wave. All the neutrons came to homogeneous "vacuum" state. And then I saw "myself", my spiritual essence. i gazed and saw clean silver circle. And I initially understood that this circle is my true "I". And this true "I" is eternal, unwounded, passionless, spiritual, conscious, evolutionary. It was so exactly, so clear, so real that then, recollecting and telling someone about it, I told him that it was "more real than I am talking to you". Most of all amazed me that my true "I" is passionless. Because I am an emotional person.
How is that that I am passionless? And I somehow mentally asked: And what about love?" and mentally received the answer: "Way". When the vision of true "I" disappeared, the first thought came. And this thought drove on all the neutrons of the brain, having programmed them with one question: "how to explain it scientifically?" And I became a slave of this question. All my time was devoted to the search of the answer to this question. And here twenty years of the work are exposed in this book.

Russia. Podmoscowye. Early in the morning, I go to some village. Around me, there are forests and in front of me, there is a ravine. I am delighted with the surrounding me silence and beauty. Suddenly there came a vibration wave, captured the whole brain and I saw that in front of me there flows a noisy broad quick river (where is ravine now). Far off there is a forest. Ancient people exist from the forest and hurry to river. To the right there stand three people. Two of them are supporting a wounded. And who is at left, is me. Big, strong. The skin of some animal covered my body. With one hand, I supported the wounded and in the other, I hold a spear. The vision was distinct and clear. Then vibrations and vision disappear. Amazingly, I looked at the dry ravine and still heard the noise of the river.

Once, in my past life I was a man from the wild tribe.

* * *

Turkey. Early morning. On a steep mountain, straight on, I climb up to antique town Pergamum. I climbed. The clouds flow under me and they close or open the modern town. From the one side, sun lights up beautiful antique town and from the other side shadows of the clouds fly along the town. Beautiful. I saw white stoned destroyed temple of Zeus. I entered and stood still. Suddenly there came a vibration wave and captured the whole brain. As if failed, I fell on the marble floor, began to cry, and fought in hysterics: "Oh, Pergamum, oh, Pergamum, what they have done to you!" Far in consciousness, I try to collect myself and say to myself: "Stand up! You are not crazy." I rise and wonder to what happened. Again there comes a vibration wave and throws me on the floor. Again, I cry and fight in hysterics: "Oh, Pergamum, oh, Pergamum, what they have done to you!"

I come up with tears and it strikes me: "Once I was the main priest of the temple of Zeus and I liked this town and this temple."

* * *

Tibet. Lhasa. In the early cold morning, I hurry to some monastery. Easy Chinese sport slippers do not protect feet from shrill cold of the ground. And cold burns feet as hot stones. I am walking amazingly. Suddenly there appear vibration waves and capture brain. I saw myself in the national Tibetan clothes. I hurry somewhere, but I go under some angle to meet myself. We have not confronted nearly with each other and from it both vision and the vibrations have disappeared. The vision was short, but long enough, that I have understood that once, in my past life, I was inhabitant of Tibet.

* * *

These facts from my life, certainly, not the proof for the extraneous observer or criticism. And it is correct. 

These facts true only for me. But these and other religious experiences have helped me to understand sense of the formulas and laws of physics, have helped me 
to write the book.

* * *

By the way, taking into account a paradoxical situation in quantum physics, E. Schrodinger, in one letter, wrote ". As though quantum theory did not become the theory describing mental processes ". Probably, he has written it for fun. However this joke once again emphasizes depth of unusual behaviour микро of a particle describing quantum theory.




Who thinks clearly, composes clearly.

This book explains fundamental bases of physics easy, clearly and logically. Ideas that are put in this book harmonically connect all the branches of physics in the united theory of Genesis. This theory gives answers to eternal questions of a man in the sphere of physics, religion and psychology.

And it is proved without hypothesis, without postulates. It is proved by formulas, equations and laws. Of course, the theory is not full, there are many "white spots", but they will be investigated with time I am sure, in the soon future, the United Theory of Genesis will be written so, that God himself will put his signature under it.

With time, the United Theory of Genesis will be generally recognized. Humankind will obtain consciousness. There will be less lies and ignorance. The man will become wiser, freer and more adult.






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