Small Acticles.


The leaves and roots: abstraction and consciousness.

The tree is covered with a lot of leaves.
The leaves rustle, speak, argue among themselves. But shouldn't they know that the roots feed them? Physicists behave as leaves.
They rustle, speak, argue among themselves.
But they forget the roots of science, namely that we build the base of a science on abstract ideas.
The base of the classical mechanics is constructed on abstract Separate absolute space and abstract separate absolute time of Newton.
The base of thermodynamics is constructed on the abstract ideal gas theory.
The base of the theory of radiation is constructed on the abstract black body theory.
The base of SRT is constructed on the abstract theory of four-dimensional space theory.
On this abstract base, physicists build a concrete building of science and are surprised when they discover paradoxes in it.
But in nature there are no paradoxes observed.
Something is not in order with logical thinking.
It is necessary to stop, look back and to reconsider the abstract base of science.
But everyone is in a hurry to try to understand reality, and they create new abstraction.
It is a way to "mad infinity".
Therefore we live in the world of abstraction, of paradoxes, in the Orwell,s world.
How to break off this circuit of abstraction?

About Reference Systems.

From times of Newton in classical physics the principle worked: " Until the reference system is specified, any conversations on movement are completely deprived the contents.
" Newton, first of all physicists realized, what a main role a reference system has.
The choice of reference system is a central, basic question at the commencement of any task.
But the founders of the "Big Bang" theory have forgotten this.
Nowhere do they write in what reference system the "Big Bang" took place, and in what reference system the substance of the "single point " is distributed.
And consequently, the theory of the "Big Bang" is constructed on a sand.

* * *

The astronomers have established the fact of galaxy rotation but nobody speaks of the reference system in which they rotate.
Without the inclusion of a reference system the rotation of galaxies is deprived of any content.
To avoid this problem, write: Each Galaxy is surrounded by an "accompanying reference system", and the "accompanying reference system" is extended.
/ The Physics of Space.
is a small Soviet encyclopedia published in 1986.
/ This is a joke! For example, I am at home and I am surrounded by an "accompanying reference system"; my house.
Then I go to work surrounded by an "accompanying reference system"; And when I have arrived on the job, I am surrounded by an "accompanying reference system", the university.
But if we do not understand that we work in the reference system of the Earth, and the astronomers do not understand in what reference system the billions of galaxies rotate, any statement is meaningless.
Only when the reference system is specified, then the words "galaxies rotate" and "Big Bang" make sense.
The first problem in the discussion of the laws of motion is to answer the question, "In what reference system does this motion occur? In what reference system are the laws of motion formulated?" This question is most unpleasant for the amateurs in abstract reasoning and conjecture.
God teaches man to think particularly and logically.
The Devil teaches man to speak with beautiful, general and abstract phrases.
By such method he easily hides the truth from the people.

* * *

The main paradox in physics is not understanding reference systems.
Einstein and Infeld wrote: "We have the laws, but are not aware what the body of reference system they belong to, and all our physical construction appears erected on sand".
They are right.
The essence is that now there is no precise border which divides two different frame of reference:
1) System of Vacuum and
2) Gravitational frame of reference.
Now these two systems are considered as though they were common.
But they are completely different systems.
There, where there is a vacuum - there is no gravitation.
In the vacuum, one set of laws - the laws of the vacuum work ( not taking into account external influences).
Where there is gravitation, there is no vacuum.
In a gravitational reference system a complete set of other laws apply.
These laws are connected and take into account external influences.
How these two systems cooperate between themselves is explained on the following site.

Vacuum and particles.

What a geometrical and physical parameters can have the particles in A/Zero? Can they have a volume? No.
What then the geometrical form of these flat ghosts? Circle: C/D = 3,14.
The classical physics speaks, that they are in a condition of rest.
The quantum physics speaks, that they should be in movement.
Who from them is right? Both are right.
In the beginning they were in rest, and then began to move.
What kind is this movement? A.
Michelson has discovered this in 1881.
Quantum of light in A/Zero rectilinearly fly with constant, maximal speed c=1.
In such movement he is a flat ghost.
A circle compressed in an ellipse.
In such flight its spin is equal h=1.
What force changes a condition of rest to movement? Quantum physics speak: Mechanism Higgsa.

The Vacuum and Special Relativity Theory.

Special Relativity Theory examines the behaviour of a quantum of light in the vacuum.
1) The First law of SRT - the speed of a quantum of light in vacuum has a maximal magnitude (constant, absolute) of ñ=1.
2) SRT is not considered a gravitational field.
For this reason, Einstein created General Relativity Theory in 1915.
The field in which there is no gravitation is a vacuum.
3) This asserts that action in SRT occurs with particles in negative four-dimensional (Minkowski) space.
This space is absolute.
Mathematicians have constructed its model and speak of this negative space as completely abstract.
Nobody sees that it has no connection to real existence.
This is similar to a sad joke.
For 100 years everyone has admired SRT.
Millions of articles, reviews and books have been written and the United Nations has decided to establish 2005 as the centennial year of SRT.
Consider that all that is clear in this theory is that negative four-dimensional space is abstract and has no real existence.
My God! There does not appear to be anyone to laugh at this joke! Everyone searches for complex models of four-dimensional space, but truth lies in simplicity.
All is very simple.
We meet the negative characteristic of space only in the vacuum, and in the vacuum, space is merged with time (negative four-dimensional space).
According to the first law, the speed of light is absolute and movement occurs in the absolute vacuum.
So why does everyone speak and write that there is no absolute movement; that only relative movement v =s/t is real? Why does everyone say that there is no absolute reference system, if the absolute speed can be only in absolute space? Here we have one of the paradoxes in human intelligence.

Pythagoras, theory, Electrodynamics and SRT.

Pythagoras' theory applies equally to the largest and smallest triangle.
So mathematicians had decided, that this applies also to the electromagnetic phenomena; that the laws of a nature in the macrocosm and in a microcosm are identical.
It appears that this is not so.
In the macrocosm, Maxwell's laws apply and in the microcosm, other laws, the laws of SRT operate.
These laws are interconnected.
SRT is a continuation of the development of electrodynamics.

* * *

1)What is the makeup of the electron in Maxwell's theory? Maxwell's equations have no relation to the movement of the electron.
They describe the distribution of electromagnetic waves but not the movement of a particle such as an electron.
In Maxwell's theory, the charge - electron is considered local, as though the particle is "at rest".
This means that it particle does not move rectilinearly, but rotates around the diameter (has the form of a sphere).
The rotation of the electron creates electrical waves.

* * *

2) What is the make up of the electron in SRT? At the beginning of the last century many scientists (Einstein, Lorents, Fitzgerald, Poincare, Abraham) were interested in the question: What will take place, if the electron (Maxwell's) , creating an electrical field, begins to move - rectilinearly? All of them came to the conclusion that there would be radical changes with the electron.
These changes are described by the Lorentz transformations.
That is, when the originally rotating electron (sphere) begins to move rectilinearly, during movement it gradually will change its geometrical form.
Having reached constant speed of c=1, its form will become a circle.
In such condition it is called a "quantum of light "," photon".
And when a quantum of light rotates around its diameter its name is "electron " An "electron" is an actively working "quantum of light".
With such an interpretation, electrodynamics and SRT become one general theory.

The Unity of SRT and Quantum theory.

By the end of the 19th century many of physicists considered, that physics was almost completed.
It was necessary only to resolve two problems: 1) to explain radiation of an absolutely black body (it has resulted in development of the Quantum theory), 2)and to explain a constancy of velocity of light in Michelson,s experiences (it has resulted in creation the SRT).
It is more than hundred years since it was considered that these two theories are different.
But from the perspective of the 21st century we can understand, that there are not two problems, that there are not two different theories.
SRT and the Quantum theory are initially united.

* * *

Michelson,s quantum of light flies rectilinearly with constant velocity c =1.
If it is in an area of an absolute black body, it will not be reflected, and it becomes dead (thermal and electric).
To insure this does not take place, Planck had assumed that Michelson,s light quantum is radiated from an absolutely black body and flies rectilinearly.
In this flight its spin (impulse) is constant, h =1.
For Michelson's quantum of light to fly with constant velocity it is necessary to have a constant impulse.
Therefore constant velocity c =1 has a constant spin (impulse) of h =1.
Now it is clear, why physicists have given to a constant velocity c =1 the constant spin (impulse) h =1.
But such interrelation between velocity and spin is valid only for the rectilinear movement of a quantum of light.
Since SRT and Quantum theory study the behaviour of one particle - the quantum of light, they must represent only one theory.

Dualism of Light Quanta : Reality or Abstraction?

A quantum of light is a privileged particle.
No other particle can travel with the speed (c = 1).
There are two kinds of spins, as a result of which the particle attains motion.
1)Under the action of Planck,s spin, which is equal to the unit ( h =1) aquantum of light flies rectilinearly with speed (c = 1).
The geometrical form of a circle: (C/D = 3,14).
A quantum of light behaves as a particle.
2) Under the action of Goudsmit-Uhlenbeck's spin, () a quantum of light rotates around of the diameter and is known as electron.
The geometrical form of a circle is transformed into a sphere.
This kind of movement is described by Lorentz's transformations .
The wave properties of light quantum are shown.
The dualism of a particle becomes clear and the paradox disappears completely.
When the form of a circle is change into the form of a sphere, the transcendental magnitude (C/D = 3,14)
is change on another transcendental magnitude (e = 2,71).
The transformation of a circle to a sphere (spin) is described by the geometry of N. Lobachevsky, F. Klein, A. Poincare.
The transformation of sphere into circle is algebraically described by a formula, which was discovered by L. Euler in 1748.
cos + i sin = e i

100 years to Einstein's SRT.

100 years have passed from the date of creation SRT.
Millions of articles, reviews and books have been written and the United Nations has decided to establish 2005 as the centennial year of SRT.
Consider that all that is clear in this theory, but continue to be surprised to its unusually.
Let's read once again this theory.
SRT are based on two laws.
The first law.
According to the classical mechanics physical processes, which occur in rest or in rectilinearly driven reference system occur under the same laws.
The second law.
Rectilinear - uniform movement of quantum of light (c=1) in Vacuum the magnitude constant and does not depend from a source of radiation.
The association of these two theories would be proved, if in final result the Galilei ,s transformations corresponded these two theories.
However result has appeared negative: the Galilei ,s transformations did not unite these two theories.
Why? Rectilinear - uniform movement of quantum of light (c=1) is connected with classical Maxwell,s electrodynamics .
SRT has grown from classical Maxwell,s electrodynamics.
And main hero in classical Maxwell,s electrodynamics it is the electron.
What makes electron in Maxwell,s electrodynamics ? It is natural, that this electron should be in movement.
But Maxwell,s electron does not fly rectilinearly.
He makes other movement.
He rotates around of own diameter ( spin of Goudsmit-Uhlenbeck) and such rotation creates electrical waves.
In such rotation all geometrical and physical parameters of electron is change.
For this reason Einstein created the Lorentz transformations.
And all sense of SRT that in it are examined two completely various kind of movement: rectilinear (quantum of light c=1>) and rotary (Maxwell,s electron).
All sense of SRT that in it is examined transformation electron in quantum of light (photon) or quantum of light in electron .
According to classical electrodynamics electron at rectilinear movement does not create electrical waves.
Why? Because electron flies as quantum of light (c=1).
In such movement its geometrical form - circle.
In such movement its area contacts with Vacuum is minimal.
In such movement electron is not capable to break uniformity of Vacuum.
When electron rotates around of own diameter, its speed is more than rectilinearly fly of quantum of light.
Its speed is c>1>.
For this reason physicists fix huge frequency of electron .
And than electron have more speed (frequency) of rotation, then the energy of electron E =h is higher.

God, Particles and Antiparticles.

As everyone knows, GOD has created ALL.
But to create this ALL - GOD could only working in an absolute reference system and only under physical and mathematical laws.
Now let us consider that the absolute reference system is the cosmic microwave background radiation T = 2,7K.
What particles can be in this system? Dirac said - "antiparticles".
Quantum physics - " virtual particles ".
Astrophysics - " latent, invisible particles ", "dark- mass".
This "dark- mass" is supposed to comprise 90 % (and more) of the matter in the Universe.
Does anybody in the world know if the "dark- mass"," virtual particles ", "antiparticles" have volume? No, they do not.
Hence - they are flat, invisible ghosts.
How can these flat, virtual ghost can turn in real particles? There are two points of view: 1) with the help of " Mechanism Higgsa ".
2) under influence of "spin".
There are two kinds of spin: a) Spin of Planck h.
b) Spin of Goudsmit-Uhlenbeck .
These two kinds of "spin" created two various kinds of movement.
Therefore, if we understand, it is the " Mechanism Higgsa ", that is the "spin", we shall understand how GOD could create ALL.
We shall then understand the interrelation between the Science and Religion.

* * *

There cannot be a conflict between the science and religion.
Religion without the scientific proof - is not persuasive.
Science which does not take into account religious bases - is hasty.

God and constants of Nature.
Devil and physicists.

The wise God carefully collected the constants of Nature to build our beautiful Earth.
At one time, physicists wanted to build the picture of Genesis originating from the basic constants of Nature.
And what are they doing now? In 1906, Lord Rutherford studied internal structure of atoms, bombarding them with high energy a- particles.
This idea helped him understand the structure of atom.
But the clever Devil interfered and gave advice to physicists to enlarge the target.
Bomb them! And physicist created huge cannon-accelerators of particles.
And they began to bomb micro particles in the vacuum, in hoping to understand their inner structure.
And they were surprised with the results of this bombing.
Several hundreds of completely new strange particles appeared.
They lived a very little time and do not relate to our world.
Our Earth needs its real constants of nature.
But this was forgotten.
What God carefully created, is destroyed in accelerators.
And they are proud of that.
They say: we study the inner structure of the particles.
The clever and artful Devil is glad.
He again has deceived man.
Physicist think, that an accelerator - is first of all the presence of huge energy.
And the Devil laughs.
He knows, that an accelerator - is first of all the vacuum.
But this, he has withheld from man.
He has not explained that the vacuum is infinite.
And in infinity there is contained an infinite variety of particles.
And by bombing the vacuum, one can find centaurs and sphinxes.
But my God, save us from their presence on Earth.

The Antiworld, Its Inhabitants and the Quantum of Light.

Physicists have found antiparticles.
If antiparticles exist, then an antiworld exists.
What does this antiworld look like? What do its citizens do? In the book "Evolution of Physics" Einstein and Infeld wrote: "We have the laws, but are not aware what the body of reference system they belong to, and all our physical construction appears erected on sand".
They are right.
1) We know the laws and formulas of ideal gas, but do not know to what system of counting they belong to.
A clever man, G. Gamov wrote: "In the case of an ideal gas formed by point- molecules, which of course does not exist in nature."
This is funny.
The formulas and laws are just, but the particles that create them are absent.
This is mysticism! The one that doesn't exist is created by reality.
2) We know the laws and formulas of SRT but do not know what negative four-dimensional space looks like.
3) Quantum physics confirms that real particles are born from virtual particles in the vacuum.
But nobody explains what the vacuum is.
To say that the vacuum possesses the lowest energetic state is the same as to say: "a dead man possesses the lowest energetic state".
To say that gravitation does not disappear but only infinitely approaches to zero is the same as to say: "we do not die, only approach death".
But our cemeteries speak quite differently.
They say: "Death is real".
However, the physicists do not want to acknowledge The Law of Death; this real fact.
How can we understand Reality ignoring this evident fact.
But if antiworld exists, how can we perceive it? How can we interact with it? In order to tear out from the embrace of Earth, the rocket needs to develop the speed of 11,2 km/sec.
And in order to travel in an antiworld, one needs to fly with the speed of the quantum of light.
But nobody except the quantum of light possesses such a speed.
It is the only thing that can visit the antiworld.
What can the quantum of light tell us about antiworld (parallel Universe)?

The Origin of Consciousness.

There are many theories explaining the origin of consciousness.
Here some of them.
1) God has taken clay and has created man, and then has inhaled in it consciousness.
2) 20 billions years ago all matter (all elementary particles, all quarks and their girlfriend antiquarks, all kinds of waves: electromagnetic, gravitational, muons….
) - all was assembled in "singular point".
Then there was a Big Bang .
Question: when was there consciousness? a) Before explosion, b) At the moment of explosion, c) After the explosion.
It is more probable, that it existed after the explosion.
Then there is a question: what particles (or waves) were carriers of consciousness? Mesons, muons, leptons,
bosons (W+, W- , Z) ,quarks, …gluons field … ets …? On this question the Big Bang theory does not give an answer.
But can it be that consciousness was formed as a result of the interaction of all elementary particles, all waves, all fields? Then, on the one hand, the reason for the origin of the Big Bang is clear: everything was mixed, including consciousness, and when it is mixed then it is possible to construct all and everything.
But on the other hand, it is not clear: why farmer John can think simply, clearly and logically.
3) Ancient Indian Veda approve, that origination of consciousness is connected with the existence of spiritual, conscious particles - purusha .
4) Modern physics affirms that the Quantum of light is a privileged particle as in one cases, it behave as a particle, and in other case, acts in a way which causes a wave.
How is a particle capable of creating a wave? The behaviour of Light quanta (dualism ) is explained simply.
A quantum of light has its own initial consciousness.
This consciousness is not rigid, but develops.
The development of consciousness goes "from vague wish up to a clear thought".

The Structure of Nothing .
According to my peasant logic: 1 + 1 = 2.

Once upon a time, 20 billions of years ago, all matter (all elementary particles and all quarks and their girlfriends- antiparticles and antiquarks, all kinds of waves: electromagnetic, gravitational, muons… gluons field … etc.) - was assembled in a "single point".
It is interesting to think about what had surrounded the "single point".
But why does everyone speak about EMPTINESS- NOTHING in common phrases rather than in specific, concrete terms? I wonder why nobody has written down this EMPTINESS- NOTHING in the form of a physical formula ? You see, every schoolboy knows that is possible to express the EMPTINESS- NOTHING condition by the formula T=0K.

* * *

Once there was a "Big Bang".
But in what space had the Big Bang taken place and in what space was the matter of the Big Bang distributed? Not in T=0K? It is clear, that there is only EMPTINESS, NOTHING, in T=0K.
Now consider that the Universe, as an absolute frame of reference is in a condition of T = 2,7K (rests in relic radiation of the Big Bang ).
But, the relic radiation is extended and in the future will change and decrease.
What temperature can this radiation reach? Not T=0K? Hence, if we go into the past or into the present or into the future, we can not escape from EMPTINESS- NOTHING .
Everyone knows about the "singular point", but nobody knows that it is EMPTINESS- NOTHING! To understand it, it is necessary to ask a question: What geometric and physical parameters can particles have in T=0K? Can they have a volume? No.
Then they must have the geometrical form of a flat circle: C/D= 3,14.
But what these particles do ? Nothing.
They are in a condition of rest: h = 0.
So, maybe they are dead? In order to answer of this question, it is necessary to more clearly understand EMPTINESS- NOTHING.

* * *

Has this EMPTINESS- NOTHING a border? No! It has no borders.
EMPTINESS- NOTHING is indefinite.
Let's identify it by the formula: T=0K=
And what about time in the EMPTINESS- NOTHING ? Independent time is absent.
Time in EMPTINESS- NOTHING is indissolubly merged with infinite space.
But you see, such space is described by Einstein in Special Relativity Theory.
In SRT, space also has a negative characteristic and there also, time is indissolubly merged with space.
Only in SRT, this EMPTINESS- NOTHING has another name: Negative four-dimensional (Minkowski) space.
Then it is possible to conclude that SRT describes the behaviour of the circle-particles in T=0K.

* * *

In agreement with SRT, these circle-particles can be in two conditions of movement: To fly rectilinearly with a speed of c =1.
In this kind of movement , it is named a "quantum of light", "photon".
2) To rotate around its own diameter and then its form and physical parameters will change according to the Lorentz transformation.
In this kind of movement, it is named the "electron".

* * *

But what is the reason for the movement of circle-particles? In the EMPTINESS- NOTHING, nothing can influence the condition of rest.
Quantum theory gives the answer to this question.
1) The rectilinear movement of the circle-particles depends on Planck's spin :h = 1.
2) The rotary movement of the circle-particles depends on the spin of Goudsmit-Uhlenbeck: .

* * *

Very strange particles surround the "singular point ".
These circle-particles can be in three conditions:
1) h = 0
2) h = 1
And they can independently decide what action to take.
So it can work only with particles that have their own consciousness, which is not static but can develop.
The development of consciousness scale goes " from vague wishes up to a clear thought ".

* * *

"If consciousness is in fact defined (and different) at every moment of time, it should also be related to points in space: the truly subjective observer system should be related to space-time points.
" from "Quantum Theory and Time Asymmetry", Zeh (1979).

The law of conservation and transformation energy.

Physics law says that no energy can be created or destroyed but can be changed from one state to the another.
1. In classical physics this law exactly is not observed.
Only in quantum physics this law is exactly observed.
The observance of this law is connected to the formula E=Mc^2
2. Quantum theory says that at the interaction of the electron with the vacuum, the energy and mass of it become infinite.
It means that the law of conservation and transformation energy is broken.
Unless can it be?
Honor and glory to mathematicians.
They thought up " a method of renormalization ", a method " to sweep the dust under the carpet " / Feynman./ and so they solved this problem.
But what process is really connected with the " method of renormalization "?
Please, remember, electron is not a professional mathematician, but it maybe a particle, maybe a wave.
3. The physicists say that electron is eternal particle because it has less electric charge and therefore it cannot break-up. So, how can electron keep its eternal condition?
How can electron escape its infinity?
How to understand the fact of "conservation and transformation energy" of electron?
4. Electron is the particle which has a form of a sphere (geoid), having energy E=hw.
But everybody knows that an electron is not a firm sphere.
Everybody knows that its form can be changed.
But nobody understands the borders of its change.
Electron cannot disappear.
Electron can only change its form.
So, what are the borders of this change?
5. According to the law of conservation and transformation energy:
a) Electron, having the geometrical form of a sphere, loses their volume (density) and turns into an indefinitely flat circle (C/D=pi).
What does "indefinitely flat circle " mean?
It means, that we cannot reach Absolute Vacuum T=0K and we cannot reach density of the electron in the rest.
b) In the interaction of the electron with vacuum transformation of the kinetic energy of an electron ( E=hw) in its potential energy E=Mc^2 take place.
c) It is impossible to understand the "last essence of electron" dividing its geometrical form from energy.
The geometrical form and energy of electron are united together inseparably .

* * *

Another example.
SRT says mass and energy become infinite at the speed of light c=1.
But only quantum of light has speed c=1. All other particles have speed v=s/t and they cannot reach speed c=1. Quantum of light is a real particle.
Its parameters are not infinity but limited.
So, which form does a quantum of light have?
Only form of a indefinitely flat circle (C/D=pi).
What does "an indefinitely flat circle " mean?
It means, that we cannot reach Absolute Vacuum T=0K and we cannot reach density of the quantum of light .

* * *

Nowadays, the law of preservation and transformation of energy is received in physics as a simple bookkeeping calculation of debit-credit.
It is a primitive judgment about one of the most important Law in Nature.
Because debit-credit is " a bookkeeping symmetry law".
And the life begins with disturb of symmetry.
The occurrence of Life is connected not with symmetry, but with breaking of symmetry.
For something to happen there has to be a "broken symmetry".

What is the formulas of Nothing?

1. Now it is considered that the Universe, as an absolute frame of reference is in a condition of T = 2,7K (rests of relic radiation of the Big Bang ).
But, the relic radiation is extended and in the future will change and decrease down to T=0K.
2. We cannot reach T=0K because it is Universe of heat and radiation death ( E=0).
3. Death for us is an end of everything, enter in the Empire of NOTHING.
4. Classic physics says :
In NOTHING, in T=0K ( Energy =0) the moving of particles stops.
Quantum physics.
a) Quantum physics says:
In NOTHING the moving is possible but only for "virtual particles".
b) Quantum physics respects the Classic physics very much.
Quantum physics does not want to quarrel with Classic physics therefore it says modestly:
In NOTHING the Energy is not zero, but approximately zero.
To say so is like as some gynecologist says:
"She is approximately a pregnant woman".
5. In the Empire of NOTHING:
Energy =0.
But "virtual particles" exist.
6. Why do the particles of Classic physics stop its moving in T=0K?
Why don,t the particles of Quantum physics stop its moving in T=0K?
Maybe they are absolute different particles?

Electron / light quantum is one particle.

1. Into Maxwell's equations density of a charge/electron and speed of light quantum simultaneously enter.
How they are interconnected?
2. SRT has grown from Maxwell's theory that is electron should enter into SRT.
As ruler of measurement in SRT the quantum of light serves.
How they are interconnected?
3. All know, that an electron is not a firm sphere.
All know, that its form can be changed.
But nobody understands the borders of the change of the geometrical form of the electron.
So, what are the borders of this change?
Quantum theory gives an answer to this question.
It says that at the interaction of the electron with the vacuum, the energy and mass of the electron become infinite.
Physics does not understand what to do with infinite sizes and therefore have thought up "a method of renormalization",
a method "to sweep the dust under the carpet" / Feynman./
This method is abstract.
But the situation can be understood another way.
Electrons, having the geometrical form of a sphere, lose their volume (density) and turn into an indefinitely flat circle.
In this is the reason for the occurrence of infinite sizes for the electron.
But in physics we know only one particle which has the form of a flat circle.
It is a quantum of light which flies rectilinearly with speed c= 1.
Therefore, the electron turns into a quantum of light.
Therefore, the electron and /or a quantum of light is the same particle in different states.
4. It is proved, when electron leaves atom, its electric field changes.
The spherical field will be transformed to an ellipse field.
And in process of his removal the ellipse field is more and more extended.
And in a limit (at the moment of breaking-off ) the electron gets the form of a string. (String theory).
Therefore, electron can have the different geometrical forms: circle, ellipse, sphere , string.
5. In the books it is written, that electrons interact among themselves with the help of a quantum of light.
In the books it is written that an electron in an atom passing from one orbit to another radiates a quantum of light.
It should be understood as follows.
The electron has a quantum of light in a "pocket" or under a "shirt" which it gives freedom from time to time.
Why is it necessary for the electron to hide a quantum of light?
It is Interesting, what feeling tests electron when it carries on itself a light quantum?
6. Electron is a particle and wave simultaneously , because it can change its parameters.
Quantum of light is a particle and wave simultaneously.
Can be and the quantum of light is also capable to change?
In the book " Isaac Newton " Soviet academician S. I. Vavilov wrote:
"For photons with extremely fast fluctuations, superior the certain meaning,
on experience is observed the remarkable phenomenon of transformation them in … … …electron.
Undoubtedly as well return process. "

Epoches and the reference frames.

1. Ptolemee considered, that reference frame connected with the Earth is absolute.
2. Copernicus proved, that reference frame connected with the Sun is absolute.
3. Then they began to consider, that reference frame connected with far stars is absolute.
4. Now it is consider, that reference frame connected with relict isotropic radiation T = 2,7K is absolute.
5. But T = 2,7K is not a constant factor.
This relict isotropic radiation continues to extend and decrease and, hence,
approximately over a period of 20 billions years will reach T=0K.

How the God created our terrestrial world?

The God is unknown materialistic thing.
At first He took "clay" and made a figure of a man and only after He gave him a "soul".
How can we understand this scientific?
1. The "clay" is a proton.
2. The "soul" is a quantum of light / electron.
3. Interaction between proton and electron is created simplest atom - atom of hydrogen.
4. And atom is alive design.
The atom of hydrogen lives 12 minutes.
5. After is created a complex atom.
6. The evolution is continuing.
7. And someone a long time ago has already said, that if to give suffices time to atom of hydrogen, he will turn into Man.
But maybe I have a mistake.
Maybe God has a soul for the "clay - proton" in the beginning.

Models and reality.

1. An absolutely black body is a hypothetical body that completely absorbs all the radiation falling on it.
Physicists said: "No such body can exist."
2. Black hole, is a region of space which no radiation can be run away from it.
3. The Absolute Zero: T=0K is a region of space in which the motion of radiation died.
4. But Planck said that from absolutely black body a quantum of light can radiate.
5. But Hawking showed that black holes can emit radiation.
6. And the quantum theory said that in Vacuum there is "virtual motion of particles" and they can radiate.
7. Maybe absolutely black body and black holes are only models of region of Absolute Zero space: T=0K.

* * *

Is it really nobody see what model of "absolutely black body" and model of "black holes" are identical and they both describe Vacuum ?

What is the difference between unit: h and unit : h =h/2pi?

1. Many years M. Planck was attracted with the absolutely black body problem.
If quantum of light moving with speed c=1 falls in area of absolutely black body and does not radiate back, then " terminal dead " comes.
In 1900 Planck decided:
to save the quantum of light from death is possible that quantum of light will radiate with unit h=Et.
Physicists say, that Planck,s unit is one: h=1.
Having this unit h=1 quantum of light flies with speed c=1.
2. In 1925 Goudsmit and Uhlenbeck decided that Electron has its own unit : h =h /2pi.
Unit : h = h/2pi shows that electron has own angular momentum ( own inner impulse).
Thanks to its own inner impulse electron rotates around its diameter.
3. These units do not come from any formulas or equation.
Planck, Goudsmit , Uhlenbeck and Bohr introduced.
These units in the physics intuitively.
4. These units work, so they are recognized.

* * *

Now religious man can say, that an initial push ( unit) to the particle was given by God.
And atheist can say that the initial push (unit) is only own internal impulse of a particle.
Probably they will argue each other.
I shall not argue with them.

Chronology of physics.

XVII c- the thermodynamics was created.
XVIII c - the mechanics dominated.
XIX c - electrodynamics developed.
XX c - the power of atom have opened.
XXI c - the importance of Vacuum is clear.
Science has found consciousness.
Mankind has found consciousness.


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