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Religion and Physics. A Book " Physics - The Picture of Genesis ".
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The story about Existence,
born from Emptiness.
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"I think I can safely say that no one understands quantum mechanics". /Feynman/.
The Nobel prize winner, American physicist Richard Feynman explains the application of a principle of virtuality in such a way:
" We are obliged to imagine that our system hardly has moved, even if it really did not move or is not so capable to move. We use small imagined movement to apply a principle of energy conservation".
And such explanation is everywhere:
"slightly has moved, slightly has changed" "not quite big small movement".
What a sacred innocence it is! "Slightly has changed" and then they say that it is not a "sin", that it is not a deception, that it is not essentially. But to explain the situation so arbitrary and not concretely is a big "sin" and self-deception.
At level of microcosm, it is impossible scornfully to concern even to the slightest action of the particle because its action can cause infringement of uniformity of Vacuum. And it entails other changes, too. If ancient religions approved that Emptiness (Vacuum) is not emptiness, but there are "virtual spiritual particles", it was the unsubstantiated statement without formulas, equations and physical laws. But the science should explain natural phenomena particularly. The science should explain, using formulas, equations and laws, how real particles are born from "virtual particles". Without such explanation and proof, the language of science is similar to the dogmatic sermon of the cleric.

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