In a controversy between materialism and religion –

physics has appeared on the party of religion.
Quantum physics and SRT refute the ideas of materialism.
I begin to reason from Vacuum T=0K and then, step by step,

 I establish a unified picture of Genesis.

*       *       *

In the beginning there was the Word
and the Word was Vacuum.
And the Vacuum is an Absolute Intellect.


§ 1.


In the beginning there was an indefinite - eternal Emptiness. According to the laws of

J.Charles (1787), W.Tomson (1852) and V.Nernst (1906)

this Emptiness has absolute temperature Т = - 273.16 0 С.


§ 2


In this indefinite - eternal Emptiness

according to the laws of

J.Charles 1787), J.Gay-Lussak (1802), V.Nernst(1910)

 and A.Einstein (the 1925) flat particles with infinitesimal  thickness are  exist.



§ 3


The geometrical form of these flat particles is circle:


             First transcendental number is exist: p = 3,14


§ 4


According to L.Boltzman (end of the Х1Х c.) heavy (gravitational) mass of these particles in the state of rest is described with the formula R/NA =k


§ 5


According to А.Einstein (1905) energetic condition of a particle

In a rest is described with the formula Е0 = М0с2 


§ 6

The inner impulse of the particle in the state

of immobility is equal to zero h=0.


§ 7

 In Vacuum nobody has influence on the particle.

Therefore, the cause of its movement is its own inner impulse.

At any moment the particle starts vibrating around its center of gravity as a pendulum with the impulse h=1/2.




At some moment, transferring its inner center of gravity,

transferring its inner impulse to the edge and lengthwise of the circumference,

 the particle obtains rectilinear movement with the constant speed:

c = const = 1.

The initially resting particle became quantum of light.

Now its inner impulse (the impulse of Planck-1900) is equal to one h=1.

Such a rectilinear- uniform movement does not disturb

 the monotonousness of Vacuum as the area of the circle connecting

with Vacuum is minimum.




However, the quantum of light has its waved property

( the problem of dualism). How to understand the property?

 At some moment, transferring its center of gravity, its inner impulse

to the edge of the circumference and under some angle to its area,

 the particle starts rotating around its diameter.

This inner impulse (the impulse of Goudsmit- Uhlenbeck-1925)

 is equal to multiple numbers of Planck ħ=h/2p = 3/2, 5/2, 7/2 and so on.

Such rotary movement of quantum of light characterizes as an actively

working particle - electron.




The particle (quantum of light) can exist in three states:

1.     1.     In the state of immobility h=0.

2.     2.     In the state of rectilinear movement h=1.

3. In the state of active work ħ=3/2, 5/2, 7/2 and so on.

In dependence from the circumstances, the quantum of light

takes decisions independently in which of these three states it must be.

The ability to take independent decision testifies the presence

of the conscious beginning of the particle.

The quantum of light has its own consciousness.

The quantum of light is a spiritual conscious particle.

§ 11


This consciousness cannot be frozen.

This consciousness is evolutionary.

It develops "from vague wish to clear thought". /Vedas/


§ 12

 Where were the quantums of light born from?

These spiritual particles, having evolutionary consciousness, were caused by something More Conscious, Absolute, Immense, which disappears behind absolute temperature

Т =-273,160 С.

The Universe is something intellectual. / Germetism /  .


§ 13

Owing to rotation around of the diameter, the geometrical form of a particle changes in a wrong sphere ( geoid).

Mass and energy of a particle is increased (transformations of Lorentz -1904).

The particle becomes an electrical charge e =±√ ħcα

This particle ( electron /charge) has energy E = ħ w

Such rotary movement of a particle in local area breaks

 uniform symmetry of Vacuum. 


§ 14

The electron rotates around of its diameter with the speed

more than c=1. / Tachion,s theory/.

The frequency of a particle rotation around of its diameter is connected

the origin of the second transcendental number: e = 2,718.



§ 15

What is the reason of the particle,s movement in Vacuum?

In the state of immobility, the life of the particle is infinitely long.

In the state of rectilinear movement with the constant speed c=1,

 the life of the particle is also infinitely long.

The eternal monotonousness of the particles in Vacuum is terrible.

 It is difficult for the particle to bear this monotonous state.

To change its monotonous state, to show its possibilities is the cause

 of its active work. And the active work of the particle is connected

 with its rotation around of its diameter.

The result of its active work is the origin of time.

Then time of active work of this particle is expressed by the formula:

t = to/√ 1-(v/c.


The time, when the light quantum works as an electron, is a life time of the atom, and molecule, and vegetative, and animal world.



§ 16

The rotary particle (quantum of light) creates static waves

a) the waves of Compton λ = ħ /mc

b) the waves of de Broglie λ = ħ /mv

The monotonousness and symmetry of Vacuum

in the local sphere is broken.


§ 17


So - in the beginning there is a Great Emptiness and only Spiritual,

conscious particles in It.

How the material world around us has appeared?

The process of creation of the material world originates

 in the theory of star formation.

§ 18


In some local sphere of Vacuum, there are huge quantity of the particles R/NA=k

equal to Avogadro number (NA). Among this multitude of the particles, one particle starts rotating under the action of its inner impulse (the impulse of Goudsmih-Uhlenbeck). Now this particle is the charge e =±√ ħcα .

*     *     *

Then around this rotary particle there some volume creates , on the external

 border of which there is quantity of the particles that is equal to the

Loschmidt,s number (NL ).

Then, near this rotary particle, the first (the nearest) layer of passive particles

 forms are characterized by the physical state by name of Helium II (He II).

Helium II  reaches the temperature T=2,17K./ Theory of Kapitsa/.


* * *

The next layer after Helium II is Helium I (He I). It appears at the temperature higher than T=2,17 K. This layer of Helium I introduces extremely transparent boiling liquid. The borders of Helium I are spread till the temperature T=4,2 K.

/Theory of Landau/.

* * *

Actively rotating particle gradually brings Helium II and Helium I into circular movement. All the system comes to a rotary movement.

/ Theory of Andronikashvili /.

The flat,circled particles (k) stick together with each other and now helium rotates as an elastic body that consists of elastic straps. The sharp friction between different layers of liquid appears. The particles that received the names of Helium three  3He and Helium four 4He, tear away from the rotary elastic straps.

The common  temperature in liquids increases.

* * *

The further rotation, friction and collision of the particles of helium bring to

 the creating of hydrogen  particles - proton (p).

Protons are the first smallest material particles.

* * *

Thermonuclear processes on stars arise at low temperatures at interaction (k) particles, helium and protons (p ) and have the directed character from the central area outside, to a surface. At an initial stage cold thermonuclear of reaction begins.


* * *

The rotary gravitation mass changes the thermal state of Vacuum in the local sphere and forms gravitation field. And then, as cold air aspires into warm space, so other quantum of light, passing near this rotary gravitation mass can diverge from their way or be captured by gravitation mass into rotary movement. Then gravitation field gradually involves these other quantum of light inside itself  more and more. A gradual deformation of these quanta of light occurs. They burn up serving both as the source of support of the thermonuclear reactions and as the source of the creation of the material particles- protons.

The process of star formation takes place.


* * *

In course of time, some stars turn into planets. New notions of "space" and "time" appear on these planets. The space and time on these planets depend on the size of gravitation field and on speed of rotation. On some of these planets the conditions for the development of new Genesis  appear. For inner inhabitants of these planets their space and time would seem absolute for them. At measurements, they would use geometry of Euclid and would consider the laws of Newton and Maxwell in routine life. However, this space itself and time itself are already secondary, artificially created formations.


 § 19

There are spiritual particles, quantum of light which are active conscious ones.

There are material particles, protons, which are passive ones.

There is interaction between them, the result of which is

the origin of life and the creation of material Genesis.  

§ 20


The of interaction between the spiritual particle with material one

passes three levels:

а) Electromagnetic interaction.

б) Nuclear interaction.

в) Biological interaction.

§ 21


The evolution of this interaction develops from creation of atom, molecule, microorganisms to, in the final account, creation of the surrounding us material World.

§ 22

When quantum of light / electron leaves atom its electromagnetic field changes:

from the spherical field to an ellipse one. A at the moment of breaking off

the electric field stretches as a string. / String theory/.

§ 23


Atom (simple or complex), molecule, microobject, macroobject - each of them has only one spiritual particle, which operates them (principle Pauli 1926).

If in atom there are more than one electron (for example, two electrons), this atom represents "Siamese twins".


§ 24


The interaction of a spiritual particle with material one differs from

That influence of a material particle on a spiritual one

 (non-commutative algebra).

a х b b х a


§ 25


The law of conservation energy (the law if incarnation) is schematically expressed by the chain of formulas:


§ 26


To predict the future event has a probabilistic  basis

(Heisenberg  uncertainty principle  -1926).

qx ³ ħ

E t ³ ħ


§ 27


The theory is checked with the experience.

How should one perceive one self?

The theory of "nonlinear optics" gives the answer to this question.

Every man carries the Quantum of Light / Electron  his "Great Friend" inside him. If the energy of quantum of light is bigger than the energy of inner atomic surrounding of the brain, then under the influence of this strong quantum field, the atoms of brain start producing forced vibrations. The waves of the quantum of light and the waves of brain coincide completely.

This wave of the light field going through all the brain will reflect from it as the beam of light from the surface of the mirror. And on the surface of the brain there will reflect the exact copy of the quantum of light.

And at this moment a person perceives himself, his true inner essence. He knows his geometric form and his spiritual characteristics.

What is the inspiration?

The theory of superconductivity gives the answer to this question.

Energetic tension of the milliards of brain neutrons falls to zero. In this state, the neutrons of brain do not show any electric resistance to Quantum of light / Electron. Now the possibility appeareы when Electron (charge) stops its rotation and takes its initial form of circle. Now it possesses great potential energy Eo/Mo=c². The next moment, the quantum of light directs all its great energy to the change of the old program. With this aim, it produces inner impulse of Goudsmit-Ulenbeck and at the moment of the beginning of its rotation, it rebuilds some chain of the brain neutrons with its great energy and a man starts acting according to quite a new program. The formula of this process is

There comes inspiration and man  makes an invention.

What is the truth?

It is the display of the Quantum of light / Spiritual essence in a man.



§ 28


The human body turned out to be so complicated body that the spiritual particle appeared to be in the power of material existence. However, the spiritual particle aspires to establish its supremacy over nature. And the possibilities to rule over its material nature are limited in it. The widening of the possibilities of the display of spiritual particle is connected with the creation of specific (vacuum) conditions. These conditions are reached after continual religious practice.

It means that in order to perceive the Universe, to check the correctness of the theory experimentally, to perceive the initial conditions of Genesis, to perceive his spiritual essence, the man must master religious practice.






1. The man should cognize himself through religious practice.

2. The planet of Earth is one of the most beautiful creations of the Spiritual world.

3. A man lives on the earthly paradise and he has to  value and take care of its beauty.


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