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Religion and Physics. A Book " Physics - The Picture of Genesis ".
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"The Book of Genesis.XXI c." (69 pages)
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"Everything is getting along, but the deep grounds remain unclear". /Sommerfeld À./

Now consider, that the Universe is as a whole characterized as:
1. Ð = 10-30 g/sm3
2. Ò = 2,7Ê
3. Only in infrequent, separate, local areas of the Universe these characteristics are changed.
Now consider, that temperature Ò = 2,7Ê has arisen because of "big bang", which one has taken place 20 billions years ago. And since then Universe is enlarged, and then will begin to compress, and then again to enlarge and so on.
I will not to argue with this "theory".
I consider, that the condition of the Universe is as a whole characterized as absolute Vacuum: Ò = 0Ê. And temperature Ò = 2,7Ê has arisen owing to a fluctuation of absolute Vacuum Ò = 0Ê.
Now such view seems to be very strange, paradoxical and incorrect. The reason of such view is that according to the second law of a thermodynamics warmth cannot spontaneously pass from a cold condition to a hot condition. There is a problem: " Who or what causes a fluctuation of Vacuum?
"God? In God we do not trust.
Spontaneously? To say so means to say nothing.
Proofs of a truth of the theory need a concreteness, instead of general words.
Let's take, for example, the quantum physics. The quantum physics approves, that "virtual particles dwell (live) in Vacuum. But their concrete characteristics are not given anywhere. They are considered as any envisioned particles.
And why not to ask a simple concrete question: "What can have geometrical and physical parameters of virtual particles
in Vacuum at Ò = 0Ê? "
The answers are in the articles.

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