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Vacuum and Physics.

All sections of Physics are connected and describe Vacuum.


The first theory, which describes Vacuum, is the theory of ideal gas.

This theory considers a condition of particles at Т=0К. The particles in this theory do not interact with one another.

From this theory follows, that the particles in Vacuum should be flat figures. This means, that the particles have the geometrical shape of a circle, because of all flat figures the circle has the most optimum shape С/D=p

From the theory also ensues, that in a state of rest the gravitational particle mass is described by the formula R/NА=k


The second theory, which describes Vacuum, is a “Radiation of an absolutely black body” theory.

The theory considers area of space, which is located in an absolute temperature balance.

It is possible only at Т=0К, but it is known, that such condition is called «thermal death ». Such condition does not exist in the nature.

Therefore Planck, studying this area, has come to a conclusion, that in order to change such condition as Т=0К, in space, where the change is having place, should be a radiation of a light quantum having its own internal impulse h=Et.

And Einstein has come to a conclusion that quantum of light has an own internal impulse h=kb.


The Maxwell’s electromagnetic theory is also connected to the Vacuum.

His theory considers the electron (an electric charge), which rotates around its own axis, in a local point of Vacuum. This rotation creates an electrical wave. These waves, being in contact with material particles, create an electromagnetic field.

And then many phisycists (Abraham, Poincare, Lorentz, Einstein and other) were interested only in one question "What will happen to the "resting" electron (Maxwell's) will start moving?" From this idea has arisen Einstein's SRT.


The fourth theory, which considers Vacuum, is the SRT by Einstein.

This theory describes space, in which a gravitational field does not present. Therefore, the theory considers Vacuum at Т=0К and the behavior of particles (quantums of light) in it.

(A desire to link SRT to a gravitational field has brought Einstein to the creation of GRT).

In one of the postulates of SRT is written that the theory considers rectilinear motion of a light quantum in Vacuum with constant speed.

This proves again, that without Vacuum this theory cannot be considered. When the mathematics describe, that a certain action in the SRT happens in any abstract negative four-dimensional space, it means, that this space is in fact nothing but a real Absolute Vacuum.

From the theory follows, that the quantums of light in a state of rest are described by the formula Е/М=с2

Changes in the rectilinear and equable motion of the quantum of light, which moves with a constant speed, are described by a “Lorentz’s transformations”.


There is one more theory in quantum physics which is inextricably related to Vacuum.

This theory asserts that by interacting with Vacuum, an electron has infinite values of weight (charge).

The origin of infinite values of electron parameters is connected to its physical and geometrical changes.

Electron loses volume and has transformed to a flat circle.


Classic physics asserts, that in a Vacuum Т=0К cease any motion of particles. It is fair in relation to the particles with a weight of one proton and above, which moves with a low speed.

The quantum physics asserts, that in a Vacuum Т=0К there are constant motions of particles. It is fair in relation to the quantums of light (electrons), which moves with a speed of light and higher.


Average density of all matter in the Universe is insignificant small, approximately p = 10-30 g/cm3.

Vacuum is a basic substance in the Universe. From Vacuum this small insignificant matter is born.
Physics is first of all Vacuum.
The vacuum is characterized by one simple physical characteristic Т = 0К.

*   *  *

Now it is accepted to consider, that an entire Universe is pierced with a relict isotropic radiation, appropriate to the temperature of Т = 2,7К. The Universe with such relict radiation is now been assumed as the standard of an absolute frame of reference. And because there is a consideration, that the Universe keeps extending, the relict radiation will change, decrease. Which temperature this radiation can reach?
Therefore some cautious scientists write, that this is unknown, whether other standards of an absolute frame of reference will appear hereafter. This is a right thought.
When the Universe temperature will be considered as Т = 0К, then there should be a simple thought:
"Which geometrical and physical properties of the Vacuum particles under a Т = 0К?"





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