How to choose contact lenses for your eyes

Your eyes are probably the most important sensory organs that you possess and your can’t just wear any contact lenses on your eyes. They need to be custom made according to the size of your eyes and lens. In fact people who have been reckless about choosing their contact lenses have had problems like conjunctivitis and other eye infections. Choosing contact lenses is not a decision that your make in your own, rather it should be supported by an examination with the eye doctor or oculist; someone who understands the relationship between eyes and the lenses.

Prior to getting your eyes examined for wearing contact lenses, your need to consider how often you are going to wear the lenses and what would be the environment around your during that time. For example if your are working in an open environment during the day and that is when your want to wear your contacts; there would be issues about cleanliness, dust and keeping the eyes and contacts away from dirt and exposure to sunlight. Soft contact lenses are worn comfortably in certain days but if your get rigid permeable lenses then in order for them to be comfortable; you have to wear them quite often.

The clarity of the eyesight is affected by wearing contact lenses. If your wear rigid lenses; they are better for vision and let your see objects sharply. The sharp ones on the other hand will slightly blur the vision so if you are conscious about that, the former option is better. Disposable lenses have somewhat reduced the chances of eye infections like fungal infections and corneal ulcer; yet daily eye care is recommended for people who often wear contacts in order to avoid these serious lens infections that can ultimately cause a disaster to the eyes.

If your want to avoid cleaning and disinfecting the lenses on a daily basis then you should opt for disposable lenses! You don’t have to clean them rather you just use a new pair every day. Obviously this is an option more expensive and might not suit many people who live on a tight budget like students. There are also lenses that can be worn overnight. If this is important to you, you need to check with your doctor that how well your eyes tolerate overnight wear. After that you can also get extended wear contact lenses. Please keep in mind that continuous contact wear is not safe for all the people.